770 Hurricane St. SW Palm Bay, FL 32908

(772) 643-5498

Hurricane Paintball Park

Low Impact Paintball

Traditional Level Play (.68 caliber) Traditional paintball play and equipment with players  utilizing air powered .68 caliber equipment that shoots  at speeds up to 280 FPS.Features of the .50 Cal. Paintball - Water soluble formulation that is non staining and easy to clean. - Consistent roundness for accuracy and better playing experience. - Empire Advantage shell engineering for consistent breaks and Reduced bounces.Low Impact Paintball is Great For: - New Players to Paintball - Youth Groups - Birthday Parties - Corporate and team building events - Family outings and reunions - Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
Low Impact starts at age 8 and up.  Please call for an apt. Kim (772) 643-5498